Friday, January 21, 2011

Steeler Nation

It's fun to live in Pittsburgh during the NFL Playoffs. Walking to work yesterday, I spotted a tribute to Troy Polamalu in front of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

To say it's a festive mood in town is an understatement. Walk into Potomac Bakery in Dormont or Bethel Bakery in Bethel Park--we have great bakeries in Pittsburgh--and the imagination of cake decorators is on display in black and gold.

People will line up Saturday morning at the bakeries, butchers and grocery stores to buy their provisions for the Sunday game. Family gatherings are one of the best parts of being a Steelers fan--pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, and everyone go.

A big thank you to the Art Institute for making my morning walk from the T-stop brighter by dressing up their dinosaur for whatever is going on in town. Lady Gaga-saur was a classic!